Any advertisers who want to maximise the performance of their RTB display campaigns can benefit from the services and know-how of our trading desk team.
After 5 years of experience in the online advertising trading market, our media traders have finely-honed expertise of managing campaigns’ performance.
Each spot is bought for each advertising impression using the real time bidding system. By matching the right advertisement to the right spot, we use RTB to achieve perfect optimisation of advertisers’ ROI while maximising CPM income for the publishers.
We buy and sell advertising space (applying different remuneration models) and create added value in the process thanks to various optimisation action carried out by our media traders.

AdvertStream’s trading desk optimises advertising campaign management on our private AdExchanges (4 billion proprietary impressions every month) and can also hit the target audience across RTB AdExchanges available on the market.

All IAB formats are available, along with special formats through our private AdEx, and our in-house graphic design studio which improve the performance of our banners in real time.






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