Advertising management experts working for publishers

AdvertStream is located at the start of the advertising chain and operates a Sell Side Platform, commonly called a SSP. This hub is dedicated to helping our publishers who now represent more than 16,000 sites.

Including dedicated account managers specialising in all AdvertStream themes, our experts have amassed all the know-how needed to manage advertising spaces. Their aim is to maximise your income while highlighting your editorial line through well-coordinated and captivating campaigns. As a single special contact point, the SSP supports and offers you advice on how to monetise your audience.

Because every publisher is different, AdvertStream centralises all of its sites under 3 types:

  • MEDIA : Media publishers have an exclusive advertising contract with a guaranteed minimum income (GMI), personalised advice and monthly reports.
  • PREMIUM : Premium publishers have a minimum or fixed CPM through non-exclusive spots. Premium income is looked after by the SSP and Trading Desk and optimised in real time.
  • SELF-SERVICE : Self-service publishers manage their account independently. They benefit from our Private AdExchange technology, which provides them with automatic e-cpm management.


Our SSP guarantees you :

  • 1 expert account manager dedicated to your business sector
  • 1 access to a thematic pack in tune with your site
  • 1 monthly media schedule and personalised reports
  • 1 real time income optimisation
  • Guaranteed actual payment within 25 days of the end of the month


Satisfied customers include :


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