The AdvertStream advertising agency that was established in 2001

Drawing on its 12 years experience in online advertising, we promote values based on innovation.

Our proprietary RTB technology: DSP with Bid + Private Adexchange publishers algorithm, combined with its business expertise, propelled AdvertStream to become a major player in media trading.

AdvertStream enables you to access a more efficient RTB through an array of specialist industry expertise, concentrated in a single entry point.
Through our SSP, proprietary AdExchange , son DSP Self Service, son Trading Desk, and our Sales House, AdvertStream brings together all of the business expertise need to purchase audiences in Real Time Bidding, from the publisher to advertiser.

Advice, proximity and other expertise and performance optimisation, AdvertStream monitors the whole RTB chain to provide your campaigns with genuine added value.

AdvertStream is a team of 29 people with talent in their respective fields :

We also have :

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AdvertStream one trade name of Adthink-Media Group