AdvertStream has 12 years of adserving experience and our team of engineers has developed our own adserver, ADACCESS, which guarantees reliability, stability and power.

Connected to our private adexchange as well as to other AdExchanges on the market, our self-service DSP enables you to enjoy a unique RTB inventory.

With a €100 deposit for your first campaign you access :

  • An intelligent algorithm for optimising your broadcasts (automated bid management)
  • An advanced monitoring campaign
  • Your statistics and performances in real time
  • An advanced targeting tool to keep control of your dissemination
  • A support team and help centre on hand to support your ventures


Discover our network and create your advertising campaign here :


Drawing on our reporting tools and systematic analysis of your campaign assessments, AdvertStream can optimise the penetration of advertising at any moment and maximise attainment of your objectives, thanks in particular to our in-house graphic design studio and team of traders.

Our RTB connection, allied to our knowledge of advertisers and marketing expertise, is aimed at making your communication devices all the more effective.


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AdvertStream one trade name of Adthink-Media Group