AdvertStream covers the whole RTB chain, from publisher to advertiser, and has a Sales House dedicated to agencies and everything involved in advertising campaigns.

Our sales teams boast more than 10 years of experience and are focused exclusively to making your campaigns successful. Whatever objectives are set, whatever the angle and assigned budget, our sales agents provides you with made-to-measure diagnostics in order to attain ROI and/or MEDIA goals.

AdvertStream factors in branding, traffic or performance and offers our expertise across an array of targeted devices and a cutting edge tool and guarantees that we will give you a reply to your brief within 24 hours.

AdvertStream provides access to our website audiences and combines power, quality and affinity across several captive targets.

AdvertSteam delivers your campaigns to a selected audience with a potential reach of almost 30 million unique users per month, through 8 thematic packs, all of which are available on a yield management basis.

Thanks to our reporting tools and systematic analysis of campaign assessment, AdvertStream can optimise dissemination of your advertising at any time, especially by drawing on our in-house graphic design studio and team of traders.

Our RTB connection, allied to our knowledge of advertisers and our marketing expertise, is aimed at making your advertising devices all the more effective.

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AdvertStream one trade name of Adthink-Media Group