AdvertStream supports you through the advertising chain thanks to our proprietary Ad Exchange.

Our Ad Exchange is an automated virtual platform that connects buyers (advertisers) and space sellers (website owners) on prices or advertising spots.

Working in a market place system, our algorithm assigns the most lucrative and best targeted advertising campaign to publishers’ best advertising spots in real time.

AdvertStream’s proprietary Ad Exchange connects to the market for RTB and provides access to the whole online advertising network: agencies, SSP, DSP, Trading Desk and access all real time sales.

Thanks to our private ad exchange you can access :

  • 1 Cutting-edge proprietary TECHNOLOGY
  • 1 AUDIENCE and AFFINITY on a unique inventory
  • BIDDING, strong media trading culture
  • 1 UNQIUE CONTACT POINT from publisher to advertiser, slashing the number of intermediaries and costs at each step.

Thanks to a powerful panel of sites and accurate targeting offers you can reach the right web user, at the right time and make the right impression at the right price.

AdvertStream’s proprietary ad exchange means :

  • 4 billion proprietary impressions
  • 15 000 calls per second
  • 16 000 sites
  • 6000 campaigns in 2012
  • 16 different types of targets
  • 26 formats of advertising banners
  • Statistics updated every 10 minutes
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AdvertStream one trade name of Adthink-Media Group